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Meet Me By the Panamax Barricades

Meet Me By the Panamax Barricades

Hi friends. Meet Me by the Panamax Barricades is OUT NOW.

If your streaming service of choice is properly attuned to the zeitgeist it should be available there already. For example, it's already up on the music-destroying behemoth Sp***fy, who have literally just hired a dude directly from a weapons company and put him in charge of making them more money. Or if you hop over the fence into Tim Apple's proprietory walled garden you can find it on his iPod.

If you have the means, please also grab a copy via the inevitably doomed Bandcamp platform or, best of all and potentially cheaper, grab it directly from Data Airlines.

It is available in both these places either as a digital download or on gorgeous heavyweight vinyl with a custom floppy disc style sleeve.

In case you missed it I wrote a track-by-track guide the other week. I’ve got some bigger writing coming soon about track two The Saturn Tape (Rupture Mix V2). Might end up delving into other tracks too, not sure yet.

For now, please enjoy some basic breaks and bangers tilting toward a messy utopia.


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Meet Me By The Panamax Barricades, by Polinski
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