Other Work

A gif of a glitchy, old-school ASCII U.I interface showing lots of incomprehensible data.
Recompile's (Phi Games, 2020) glitchy UI designed, programmed & implemented in Unity.


I have been in this band for more than two decades. We have done far too many things to list them all here. Check 65daysofstatic.com for everything. Some notable projects over the last few years (excluding regular albums):


Since writing the soundtrack to No Man's Sky with 65daysofstatic, I have become increasingly involved in game development working as a composer, sound designer, UI programmer, Unity all-rounder, or some combination of all of these. My current portfolio looks like this:

  • Composer - [NDA, 2023]
  • Audio Director & Composer - [NDA, 2022-2023] (project currently on hold)
  • Lead Sound Designer & Composer - Dungeon Golf (Ant Workshop, 2023, PC).
  • Composer - Closed Hands (Passenger Games, 2020, PC)
  • UI Programmer - Recompile (Phi Games, 2020, PC/PS5, XBOX One)
  • Composer (with 65daysofstatic) - Recompile (Phi Games, 2020, PC/PS5, XBOX One)
  • Composer (with 65daysofstatic) - No Man's Sky (Hello Games, 2016, all formats)

I have also done sound design and general FMOD/Wwise/Unity development for a number of other projects. Please do feel free to get in touch if you think that my noise systems/orchestral melodrama/sonic audacity/audio manipulation etc. etc. might be a good fit for your project. My email is (my first name)@65daysofstatic.com.


I designed and programmed this music video for the song Distant Friend, I Love You! from my album Telex from MIDI City:

Distant Friend, I Love You! (2023)

Over a period of around a year 2019-2020, I made a series of ASCII/Text-mode music videos for 65daysofstatic including KMF:

Other videos in the series:

I also designed the visual environments for Wreckage Systems and have built various live A/V visual systems:


Here are some essays/reviews I wrote for The Quietus over the years:

The Quietus | Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Playing In The Wreckage: 65daysofstatic On Making Music Under Late Capitalism
Underground veterans 65daysofstatic are back with a new album diving deep into the state we’re now in. Here, Paul Wolinski makes the case for staying inspired and creative under the impecunious trials of late capitalism
The Quietus | Features | Books | Wrote Through Ghosts To Get Here: Ghosts Of My Life & Cultural Paralysis
Exploring - and taking as a yardstick - Mark Fisher’s <i>Ghosts of My Life</i>, Paul Wolinski considers the apparent paralysis of contemporary culture and the slow cancellation of the future through the lens of the success and failures of advances in electronic music production
The Quietus | Features | Remixing, Bootlegging and The Cure by 65daysofstatic man Paul Wolinski
The front man of 65daysofstatic got pissed off waiting for The Quietus to ring him and wrote us an article instead. Good man, say we. Pictures by Steve Gullick and Scott Bartlett.

A track-by-track overview I wrote for Foxy Digitalis about my album Telex From MIDI City:

Track-by-Track: Polinski’s “Telex From MIDI City”
Once the neon mist lifts and we’re left with a horizon view, Polinski’s Telex From MIDI City takes flight. Synth arrangements drip with romantic longing and hazy visages from another worl…


I studied for my PhD thesis, Decomposition Theory: A practice-based study of popular music composition strategies at the University of Huddersfield and completed in 2020. It looks at how bands and musicians who generally produce more conventional musical outputs could use generative music and audio-visual systems to rethink the forms in which are are able to compose and present music.