Welcome to The K.N.R.U

Welcome to The K.N.R.U

Hi. Thanks for signing up.

The K.N.R.U. (Komoy Noise Research Unit) is a research group made up of (currently) just me. You could call it a vague testing ground for ideas that are either too weird or too niche for 65LABS, which is the other (bigger) experimental noise research project I am a part of. I very much enjoy working at 65LABS and have no intention to stop, but it feels like 2024 is a good time to carve out a little niche within a niche for some of the other bits and pieces I have going on.

The K.N.R.U. works out of Studio Komoy, a semi-mythical place made up of tangled MIDI cables, uncooperative computers, bad acoustics, broken dreams and limited desk space. An ephemeral zone that stumbles into existence whenever or wherever I am making music, coding digital glitchy artefacts, or trying to explain myself in writing before immediately regretting it.

I hope you enjoy these dispatches. Trying to work things out in public has been good for me in the past, and hopefully will be again.