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The Komoy Noise Research Unit

The Komoy Noise Research Unit

Hi there, internet friends. Welcome to The K.N.R.U.

My tired website polin.ski was in dire need of a refresh, so I've decided to give running a blog another go. And because everything is a newsletter these days, it is also a newsletter. So please do feel free to add this website to your RSS feeds, or hit the subscribe button.

I have mostly dropped off all the old social platforms and despite enjoying being on Cohost! and Mastodon, I haven't been able to get into the habit of posting on either. Silo-ed blogging feels like more my style. Let's see how it goes.

How much I end up writing here will depend to a large degree on how active 65LABS becomes in 2024. Over the last few years, despite being bad at posting about my own things, I have contributed (and am still contributing) thousands of words, hours of music and many megabytes of confused code to 65LABS, which is 65daysofstatic's patreon-based project for all the things we try outside of putting out normal albums and going on tour..

I feel very lucky to have 65 as an outlet to be able to platform some of my weird noise experiments. It also means that most of my creative energy is sunk into 65LABS and 65daysofstatic itself. Anything that remains for my solo Paul Wolinski/Polinski work has been limited to relatively straight-forward music releases.

Back in February 2023 I put out Telex From MIDI City on Data Airlines.

Then toward the end of that year I put out a decade-old score I wrote for Jean's Abreu's experimental dance piece BLOOD. (No idea why it took me ten years to get around to this. Or actually maybe I do, but that's for a future post.)


I recently finished a companion e.p/mini-album to Telex From MIDI City. I am actually listening to the masters as I type - they have been done by Kalle Saint Jonsson from Data Airlines. They are giving 90s Banger Realness. It is messier than Telex but I am very fond of it, and it will be getting announced properly very soon.

There are a few other strange generative music/digital A/V/experimental-glitchy-something projects swirling around Studio Komoy too. If they don't get (willingly) fed to the 65LABS machine, and I don't get bored of them or decide that they are no good then perhaps this will be a place to share them too.

Oh, the K.N.R.U. is being run out of Studio Komoy. Studio Komoy is a semi-mythical place made up of tangled MIDI cables, uncooperative computers, bad acoustics, broken dreams and limited desk space. An ephemeral zone that stumbles into existence whenever or wherever I am making music, coding digital glitchy artefacts, or trying to explain myself in writing before immediately regretting it.

That's it. See you here again some time, maybe. If not, check in with 65, I'll probably be over there.