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BLOOD - Original Score

BLOOD - Original Score

New record! Out today. It is a score I wrote ten years ago and then, somehow, a decade went by before I got around to releasing it. But it's here now. Full of sad pianos and tape hiss.

Streamable/buyable on Bandcamp, at least for as long as it doesn't become morally unacceptable to keep hosting music on that platform.

I originally wrote this for a solo dance piece called BLOOD, which was choreographed and performed by Jean Abreu.

Jean and I had previously worked together on his ensemble piece Inside, which used music from 65daysofstatic as its soundtrack. We ended up doing some shows where we played them live behind a semi-transparent curtain while the dancers did their thing out front. Even performed it at the Southbank Centre once. Our soundcard broke. Good times...

Anyway I wrote this score around the time 65daysofstatic were making Wild Light. We've been doing a ten year retrospective on that over on our Patreon and I suppose this is probably what made me finally pulling these songs together and putting them out into the world.